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In 1958, Deborah entered a Girl Scout Cookbook contest. With the help of her dad's woodburning skill on the oak cover, she walked away with first prize…a wire whisk, still in her crock of much-used kitchen tools. She doesn't remember the contents, but she bets Betty Crocker's Cowboy Toast for Kids was tucked in there somewhere. Since then, she has herded ideas on anything available. Spattered cards surviving the generations, scraps of paper from a jeans pocket, tapes of riotous dinner preps, marginal thinking in favorite books, notes from trusted bookmarked web sites.

Deborah's mindful approach to technique encourages gathering fine ingredients, treating them well, and completing the cycle with a festive table. Take a look at her first two books, now offered for free download. Sneak a peek at the projects in various stages of germination.

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