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We offer you a free download of a collection of recipes presented to our farm coop members a couple of years ago. We tried to guess what Mother Earth was shooting our way and work it into an original preparation. Each week was an adventure in good guesses. You see them all together here.

Introduction to the Stonebridge Recipes

a note from the kitchen table to the Stonebridge Farm members . . .

I have been breaking bread with my rowdy family and raggedy friends for over 50 years, and the thought of them at table lifts spirit and nourishes soul.

I understand cuisine as more than an opportunity to feed the body. For me, it is a mindful practice that supports my days and binds together my weeks. Offering black tea in a chipped family cup with a single biscuit from yesterday is as noble as laying on a nine-course dinner on china and crystal. Life is the supreme meal to be savored fully.

Begin with a cleansing. Wipe down all surfaces, counters, and sinks before starting. This is more to cleanse the intervening residues of time than to remove actual crumbs or spots. It provides the chance to center your thoughts and bring yourself to the present.

Choose only the finest ingredients in season and treat them well. Handling large amounts of farm produce in summer gives you a sense of its origin. Pulling out those same stored blessings throughout the winter is a reminder of the past abundance. Heat, moisture, and time act on these ingredients and should be approached with respect.

Cook with what you have. The food in front of you is all you need. Feel the abundance of what is on hand, rather than the lack of an ingredient in a published recipe.

Use bits left from the previous meal. A handful of spinach or a scrap of onion will tie yesterday to today.

Balance chemistry with alchemy. Acquire a taste for the spice of risk and a trust in the right outcome. Know that we are all beginners, always. If the cook is satisfied, the meal will be satisfying.

Offer the meal joyfully and in good health. A festive or quiet setting will reflect your own mood. Appreciate what has come to you and how.

End with a cleansing. Bring the practice full circle. Give thanks for the opportunity. Plan to replenish what you have used and to extend your efforts to the community.

Now, put aside everything I have said. Revel in the practice. Have fun. Mess around. Mess up. Be brave. Savor all the flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, hot, mild, strong, subtle. All of this will spill over into your life as a guide for living right out loud.

Please enjoy the recipes and ideas in the weeks to come. And p-p-p-please know that they are only ideas, places to start.

With affection, Deborah

all recipes tested and prepared for Stonebridge Farm compliments of Deborah DeBord, Ph.D. © 2003. All Rights Reserved.

Download the Stonebridge Recipes

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