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Adaptive Culinary Techniques for the Visually Impaired

by Deborah DeBord, Ph.D.
326 pages  $24.95

Everything an experienced or aspiring cook needs to know to make preparing delicious meals both safe and rewarding.

About Cooking with Feeling

Adaptive Techniques

  • Over 180 carefully chosen techniques are explained in precise language.
  • All aspects of cooking are covered, from shopping at the market to setting the table.
  • Cross references from the recipes to specific techniques help reinforce learning so that blind and visually impaired cooks can achieve new levels of independence and accomplishment in the kitchen.

Outstanding Recipes

  • 150 recipes covering everything from appetizers to desserts. Varied menus provide structure for entertaining for all occasions.
  • Original recipes and recipes donated by some of America's outstanding chefs and restaurateurs provide a comprehensive repertoire of dishes from around the country and around the world.

The combination of ingenious techniques and excellent recipes, along with Deborah DeBord's encouragement and good humor, make this an excellent choice for organizations that serve the blind and visually impaired.

Download Cooking with Feeling

Cooking with Feeling is available for free download in two formats. Please select the format that is appropriate for you.

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  3. Adobe Acrobat tagged PDF version, suitable for screen readers
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    Download free HTML version, suitable for screen readers.
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