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High-five Kidz in the Kitchen

National Braille Press. At press.

High-five Kidz in the Kitchen: Contents

Book One - A postcard from the kitchen table


Bumpy ride
     Snacks for astronauts, voyagers and kids on the road
Friday night at the drive-in
     Pop it hot/pop it cool
Palm-top pizza
     Hand jive for High-five kids
PBJ all the way
     Peanut butter and jelly bellies never had it so good
Kraft® macaroni and cheese rugrats in the microwave
     Voted the all-time favorite
Hot-diggity dogs outdoors and in
     Stick to a good thing with fire engine fire-pups
Gimme s'more
     A new twist on my old favorite
Robin nesters
     Hatching cookie treats the no-bake way
Ice cream shake and rattle
     Making ice cream in a toss bag? Incredible!
Hot apple bubbler cake
     Start and finish all in one pan
Pool floats
     Crazy-lazy days of summer
Snow-day ha-cha-cha hot chocolate
     School's closed one lucky winter day
     For rubber baby buggy bumpers
Chirp and twitch
     Feeders for bird and squirrel friends
For you and you and you
     Handmade presents to pass out and pass on
Get-down boogie-woogie kids party idea
     Spring fling

Book Two - A postcard from the kitchen table


Cannonball screamers
     No-bake treats, anywhere, any time
Jiggling jugglers
     Mystery JELL-O® shapes to make my mouth wonder
Get-a-grip pizza power
     My size, my pie
Can-do can opener speed mug
     Souped-up soups for quick starts
Quesadilla upgrade
     A Southwest cheese wrap with extras
Lunch-box traders
     Sandwich spread fun with a brown-bag friend
Feisty rice
     My part of the supper show with a surprise ending
Mamaw's monkey ring
     A barrel of jungle-gym laughs
Aunt Jemima® original pancakes
     Sneakin' in some chocolate chips
Banana boats for kids out the door
     A campfire treat for later
Drop, tuck and roll
     Turning cake into's magic!
Tutti-fruity smoothies
     Spring fling in my mouth
Back-to-school cider
     Cool autumn afternoons, before homework
Dough dangles
     Ornaments that just hang around, not doing much
For you and you and you
     More handmade presents for family and friends
Get-down boogie-woogie kids party idea
     West-coast beach bash comes indoors

Book Three - A postcard from the kitchen table


Dip and spin
     A breakdance for my chips
Treasure Island
     Fruit leather for the shipwrecked
Cheetah pitas
     A go-anywhere pack it in my pocket sandwich Handy-howdies
     Jazz-action barbecue in a cup
Egg-stra yummy breakfast tacos
     Starting the day with a bang
Spud buddies
     Enough for Mr. Potato Head's whole family
Inside-out burgers
     Step up to the grill
Betty Crocker® super moist devil's food cake
     Cupcakes for Valentine's or any time
Snickerdoodles for my sweet cookie tooth
     Get tickled, get giggled, laugh your socks off
Texas Ranger cookies
     A rodeo treat for cowpoke kids
Orange-orange cooler
     A chilling story for hot, dry days
Thick-thick milk mustache shakes
     Slip and slide for my lips
Finger-toe play-dough for messing around and messing up
     I'll be famous some day!
Rock-and-roll-over biscuits
     Treats that puppy will sit and stay for
A definitely cool scrapbook
     Gifts for very special people
Get-down boogie-woogie kids party idea
     Olympic village in my back yard

Book of tricks, tips and styles

A letter to my new Kitchen Kid friend

Gimme a high five!
On my own or with helping hands?
My hands
My adult helping hands
Reading recipes
My kitchen kit
Ready, set, cook!

Tools, materials and techniques for winners
baking sheets
baking things
batter scrapers
biscuits in a can
boiling things
browning meats
can openers
cookie cutters
creaming ingredients
electric mixers
measuring cups
measuring spoons
microwave ovens
oven mitts
pancakes paring knives
pouring things
rolling pins
spreading things
table knives
towels and aprons
vegetable brushes
vegetable peelers
washing fruits and vegetables

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