The Savory Palette Gallery of Guests

(and what they had to say)

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Gallery of Guests, 2002

He: "We spent a perfect evening. Good food, good wine, and no cell phone."
She: "(Smoooooch!) She told us to connect, Greg!"
(Greg and Monica Butler; dedicated cooks; Boulder, Colorado)

He: "Does Jim get to eat like this all the time?"
She: "I would definitely make this again. It's music for my mouth!"
(Jay and Dana Clanin; really good cooks; Longmont, Colorado)

"I feel centered now. In fact, I may never take my robe off. That's okay, isn't it?"
(Gabriela Montoya Parker; memoir writer; High Rolls, New Mexico)

Mother JoAn: "It's so good to have you all here together."
Daughter Celeste: "Still chasing the squirrels away from the feeders, Dad?"
Sister Janet: "If the girls at the office could only see Dick and me relaxing in the hot tub....Well, it would make a good story, anyway."

(The Ramsay Family; Prescott, AZ; Portland, OR; Interlochen, MI)